Halloween 2008

This year for Halloween we dressed up at Sleeping Beauty. Audrey was Aurora, Jane was Merryweather, Becky was Maleficent and I was Prince Philip. Becky did an amazing job sewing all our costumes. I wish I had some better pictures of Becky’s costume because it turned out so cool and she made it without a […]

F Day

The last couple of weeks Becky and Audrey have been picking letters and devoting a day to learn words from that letter. “F” Day was one of the recent ones. One of the parts I thought was funny and very cutie were the “Five Funny Faces” that Audrey made for “F” Day.

I Scream about Ice Cream

Around a month or so ago, I was buying ice cream and when I got home I noticed something was wrong. I looked at the container and couldn’t figure it out. Then it dawned on me. They had made the container smaller while keeping the price the same. This has made me really mad! I […]

TV Commercials

Here are two TV commercials I just finished with Kilmer & Kilmer for our client Lovelace. I just did the little animations at the end of the commercials. The first one is for the NICU at Lovelace Women’s Hospital. The second one is for the Lovelace Community Health Plan, a low income insurance subsidized by […]


Over the past few months Kilmer & Kilmer (the company that I work at) has been updating their webpage. I got to design it and I have been helping with the launch. It is pretty cool design. The really cool part of this webpage is that it has a really big back end so we […]

Albuquerque DWI (Sad Comment About Our City)

Today I was eating my lunch at work and notice a new webpage that the local newspaper put up. This is a sad and pretty scary comment about Albuquerque, New Mexico. Check out the number of DWI arrast in the past 7 days!!! Click here to see the map.

Switch to HDTV

With the switch to digital TV coming and our current TV buzzing every time we watch it, Becky and I decided it was time to get a new TV. So We had been looking around for the past few months and the one we like the most was the Pioneer Kuro 42 inch Plasma. Even […]

Audrey & Becky

Here is a picture of Audrey since her hair cut. It amazed me how much it reminded me of a picture of Becky growing up. So I decided to put them side by side. Audrey saw the picture on the right and thought it was herself. Audrey definitely has a cheesier smile the Becky did.