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“Dad, post this on Pinterest.”

Last night when I got home from work my 5 year old daughter informed me she had painted her own finger and toe nails. Then she said, “Dad, take a picture of my nails, and put it on Pinterest.” This made me laugh. Things like this have actually happened many times. After taking a picture […]

Halloween 2008

This year for Halloween we dressed up at Sleeping Beauty. Audrey was Aurora, Jane was Merryweather, Becky was Maleficent and I was Prince Philip. Becky did an amazing job sewing all our costumes. I wish I had some better pictures of Becky’s costume because it turned out so cool and she made it without a […]

F Day

The last couple of weeks Becky and Audrey have been picking letters and devoting a day to learn words from that letter. “F” Day was one of the recent ones. One of the parts I thought was funny and very cutie were the “Five Funny Faces” that Audrey made for “F” Day.