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Take Your Daughter to Work Day

I got to take Audrey and Jane with me to work on “Take your Daughter to Work Day” and they had a blast. Russell Creative did an amazing job at making my daughters feel like part of the team. When the girls showed up in the morning, Russell Creative had printed out business cards with […]

Audrey on a Zip Line

So I took Audrey & Jane to the Fathers and Son’s camp out. I have taken Audrey before, because I like to go camping and I don’t get to do it enough. So this time at the camp out someone brought a zip line. Audrey wanted to go on it and I tried to talk […]

Halloween 2008

This year for Halloween we dressed up at Sleeping Beauty. Audrey was Aurora, Jane was Merryweather, Becky was Maleficent and I was Prince Philip. Becky did an amazing job sewing all our costumes. I wish I had some better pictures of Becky’s costume because it turned out so cool and she made it without a […]

F Day

The last couple of weeks Becky and Audrey have been picking letters and devoting a day to learn words from that letter. “F” Day was one of the recent ones. One of the parts I thought was funny and very cutie were the “Five Funny Faces” that Audrey made for “F” Day.

Audrey & Becky

Here is a picture of Audrey since her hair cut. It amazed me how much it reminded me of a picture of Becky growing up. So I decided to put them side by side. Audrey saw the picture on the right and thought it was herself. Audrey definitely has a cheesier smile the Becky did.

Happy Turkey Day

We spent Thanksgiving with Becky’s Parents. It was a nice quiet day and a nice dinner. It was a really nice extended weekend too. I am sad to have to go back to work today.