Razer Blade Logo

Three years ago I was part of a team that worked on a Logo for the Razer Blade. It was a new laptop line that Razer was creating, that was very cool. We went through several rounds of the logo and eventually we created the final one. It wasn’t until recently that I actually saw […]

“Dad, post this on Pinterest.”

Last night when I got home from work my 5 year old daughter informed me she had painted her own finger and toe nails. Then she said, “Dad, take a picture of my nails, and put it on Pinterest.” This made me laugh. Things like this have actually happened many times. After taking a picture […]

New Mexico to San Diego

It’s been almost a year since I relocated from Albuquerque, New Mexico to southern California. I am loving the weather in San Diego and being so close to the ocean. I also enjoy being part of a larger design community with lots of great designers and agencies in the San Diego area. Meeting so many […]

iPhone Font

Here is something someone did who had too much time on their hands. Still kind of funny, besides they forgot the second most important letter, in my opinion, “W”.

OK Go – Video

The band that did a hugely viral video the treadmill video has just released a new song with a pretty cool video. I wonder how many times they had to practice this to get it in one take. Check it out.

Funny Commercial

Someone showed this to me on Facebook the other day and I have seen it on the air a few times. It is pretty funny.

Alphabet 26

I found this online today. It is the idea that there are only 26 letters in the English language but we have 45 different symbols to represent those letters. Our conventional alphabet contains 19 letters having dissimilar upper and lower case symbols (such as ‘A’ and ‘a’) and 7 letters (c-o-s-v-w-x-z) having symbols that are […]

Cool Wall Art

OK, I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I found a webpage where they did it pretty cool. Click Here